Where you can be the change!

Moticello Academy School Government

At Monticello Academy Student Government, our motto is “where you can be the change“. This means that MASG allows students to participate in school affairs and essentially has a very powerful voice in their school. In this way, they have the power to change their school by simply bringing up an idea.

Who are we?

MASG officers 2020 – 2021
PresidentEden Shlimenzon
Vice PresidentLara Gupta
SecretaryAneesha Vemu
Treasurer Aanya Remi
Diversity and Events #2 (In no particular order)Svara Kalamkar
WebmasterKristiyan Kurtev
5B Main Representative #1Samuel Orkis
5B Main Representative #2Shivansh Misra
5B Co-RepresentativeLyra Subramanian
5A Main Representative #1Ekaterina Telenko
Co-TreasurerSahana Daniel

Who are our advisors?

Mrs. Trinh

Trinh Trinh

Mrs. Fishpaw

Mr. Nam

Who mentored us?

MASG officers 2019 – 2020
PresidentStacey Tu
Vice PresidentVanessa Delgado
SecretarySuhani Anand
Co-SecretaryAanya Remi
TreasurerZachary Chang
WebmasterNicolas Bergines
Environmental SustainabilityLara Gupta
Diversity and Events/ HistorianLucas Arroyo
Co Diversity and Events/ HistorianSvara Kalamkar
Middle School Representative OneVincent Ledesma
Middle School Representative TwoEden Shlimenzon
Middle School Representative ThreeLucas Long
Elementary Representative OneAneesha Vemu
Elementary Representative TwoNicolas Bergines
Elementary Representative ThreeShannon Zhang
Design and AdvertisementStacey Tu
Co-Design and Advertisement: Vanessa Delgado