End Of The Year Dance!

Its time to party! The End of the Year Dance is May 30th, which falls on a Wednesday.  The theme is Hawaiian, so get down to the beach and the dance floor, because there will be games, activities, food, drinks, and of course, a student DJ to specifically make the dance a little better! Did I mention the jumpy house? Don’t forget to but tickets early; they go up in price every week!

Cake Wars Finalists

The four finalist duos of Cake Wars are: Kush Narang/Jordan Vodonos, Din Kaplan/Vanessa Delgado,  Sharanya Sinha/Ananya Venkatesan, and Sanjana Premkumar/Anastasia Savastio. Congratulations to you all, and good luck in the next round!

Cake Wars?!?!

Cake Wars may be coming back this year! Our committee is looking into the possibility for it, so a word for all the bakers out there; get ready!